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Report Card 2010

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Wellesley College
College Sustainability Report Card 2010

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Wellesley College

School details:

Endowment: $1,600 million as of June 30, 2008

Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts

Enrollment: 2,190

Type: Private


Campus Survey: Yes (see response)

Dining Survey: Yes (see response)

Endowment Survey: Yes (see response)

Student Survey: Yes (see response)


Data compiled from independent research. For information on data collection and evaluation, please see the Methods section.

Overall grade  
B -
The Sustainability Advisory Committee advises the president on establishing sustainability goals and initiatives. The committee has developed a sustainable drinking water policy and launched a Green Corps program to generate interest in sustainability within campus departments. The college purchases exclusively Energy Star appliances.
Wellesley has committed to reduce electrical consumption by 25 percent by 2013. The college has upgraded mechanical systems and lighting for efficiency and has posted signage to encourage the community to conserve energy. The college has completed a carbon emissions inventory. A vast majority of campus electricity is generated on site through the campus cogeneration plant.
The college participates in a state-wide Farm to Table program and spends 20 percent of its annual food budget on local items. Dairy products are hormone- and antibiotic-free, and seafood is chosen in accordance with sustainability guidelines. All coffee and 85 percent of tea served on campus is fair trade. Most dining facilities on campus are trayless.
Wellesley has committed to building to LEED standards whenever feasible and is pursuing LEED certification for two building renovation projects. The college has replaced 90 percent of campus showerheads with more efficient models, and all washing machines on campus are energy- and water-saving units.
Wellesley promotes sustainability at new-student orientation and runs an Eco-Rep program. Along with other student groups on campus, Wellesley Energy and Environmental Defense aims to raise environmental awareness in the community and has hosted lecture series and Earth Week events. The college also has a student sustainability housing cooperative.
A biodiesel tank and dispenser is being installed at the campus fueling station for fall 2009. A shuttle services local destinations, and a car-sharing program is available on campus.
The college makes a list of external managers and votes cast on proxy resolutions on a company-specific level available to trustees, senior administrators, and other select members of the school community.
The college aims to optimize investment return and is currently invested in renewable energy funds.
An advisory committee with one administrator, two students, two faculty members, two staff members, and six trustees makes proxy voting recommendations to the board of trustees' investment committee.
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