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Report Card 2010

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University of New Brunswick

Student Survey

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With the publication of the College Sustainability Report Card 2010, more than 1,100 school survey responses from over 300 institutions are now available online. In total, these surveys offer more than 10,000 pages of data collected from colleges and universities during the summer of 2009 . To access surveys from other schools, go to the  surveys section  of the website. To see grades, or to access additional surveys submitted by this school, please click the "Back to Report Card" link at the beginning or end of the survey.


Name: Jens Ourom
Position (in student organization):  UNB Student Union Eco-Coordinator
Date survey submitted: July 23, 2009

1) Please describe the student-run campus environmental/sustainability organization in which you have a leadership role.
Name of organization: UNB Student Union Eco-committee
Number of active members:  ~7 voting members (with various others contributing periodically)
Website: N/A
Date of last meeting: April 2009

Frequency of meetings: As needed: In 2007-08 - almost never. In 2008-09: at least once every two months. (as the person occupying the Eco-Coordinator position changes each year, this can vary greatly, as it has in the first 3 years of its existence.)
Key issues addressed and programs implemented since August 2008:

-       Allocation of funding for a campus bike share program, and the installation of a solar-powered laptop charging station.

-       Off-campus student recycling survey completed, and meetings with city councillors and public works officials to improve this service were conducted with positive results.

-       Reduction of physical size of each newspaper and the circulation size of the campus newspaper (The Brunswickan).

-       A successful ‘Year-End Yard Sale’ fundraiser (with funds benefiting the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and a disability-related charity) was hosted to reduce the amount of furniture, housewares, etc. that end up in the landfill each year when students move out.

Progress made on each issue/program since August 2008:

- Approvals and agreements reached with the various campus authorities for the charging station and bike share program to be implemented in the fall of ’09 (i.e. facilities, engineering, campus recreation, etc.)

- Access to the City of Fredericton’s recycling services for students should significantly improve in 2009-10.

2) Does your group organize any sustainability challenges/competitions for your campus and/or with other colleges?

[ X ]  No*

* Competitions between residences to reduce paper waste and energy use, as well as a bicycle-powered Rock Band video game competition were conducted by a separate campus program (The UNB Campus Sustainability Office).
[ ]  Yes. Please list details for each competition.

3) Does your student government include a specific position or committee dedicated to campus sustainability issues?

[  ]  No
[ X  ]  Yes. Please describe:  The UNBSU Eco-Coordinator - While the just-developed job description/mandate will be implemented for next year, the position is in its infancy, with unclear objectives, and underpaid. Also, the Eco-Coordinator lacks a vote on the Student Council.

As well, as of now, there is no sustainable purchasing policy included in the UNB Student Union’s bylaws, to my knowledge.


4) Please describe any additional campus sustainability activities or projects that you or your group has initiated at your school:  

While not officially associated, in the past year this position has worked very closely with other campus/student groups in Fredericton (such as St. Thomas University’s (STU) Students for Sustainability) and the community-based Fredericton chapter of the Conservation Council of  New Brunswick to put on an environmental festival, informational campaigns, re-usable mug drives, and a Drink Local Pub Crawl and brewery tour (okay – the pub crawl was mostly for fundraising),

5) Please list and briefly describe any other student-run organizations related to campus sustainability at your school, and provide URLs if available (e.g., student groups; student government committees; student-run food co-ops, gardens/farms, bike co-ops) and provide contact information of the student leaders, if possible:  

UNB Campus Sustainability Officer: Andrew Holloway

STU Students for Sustainability: http://w3.stu.ca/stu/sites/stu_sustainability/stusus.html


Conservation Council of New Brunswick



Questions 6 is for informational purposes only; your response will NOT be included in the Report Card evaluation process.
6) Please list any regional or national networks with which your group is affiliated (e.g., Energy Action Coalition/Campus Climate Challenge, Sierra Student Coalition, a state PIRG, a state student sustainability coalition):  

- As an individual I am associated with the Sierra Youth Coalition (SYC)/Sierra Club, and most of their affiliated organizations, as well as the Conservation Council of New Bruinswick, and was partially funded through my student union to attend the 2009 SYC Atlantic Regional Conference in St. John’s Newfoundland. Again, as the position ‘changes hands’ each year, this is another aspect of the position very subject to changes.



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