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Report Card 2010

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Georgia Institute of Technology

Student Survey

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With the publication of the College Sustainability Report Card 2010, more than 1,100 school survey responses from over 300 institutions are now available online. In total, these surveys offer more than 10,000 pages of data collected from colleges and universities during the summer of 2009 . To access surveys from other schools, go to the  surveys section  of the website. To see grades, or to access additional surveys submitted by this school, please click the "Back to Report Card" link at the beginning or end of the survey.


Name: Carly Queen
Position (in student organization): Founder and Former President
Date survey submitted: June 9, 2009

1) Please describe the student-run campus environmental/ sustainability organization in which you have a leadership role.
Name of organization: Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS)
Number of active members: 20-40 (depends on your definition of members...  we have about 20 active student members and about 20 more who actively volunteer for our bike rental program)
Website: www.sos.gatech.edu
Date of last meeting: April 21, 2009 (general meeting) June 6, 2009 (event planning meeting)
Frequency of meetings: Bi-weekly general meetings, smaller meetings held multiple times per week (less during the summer)
Key issues addressed and programs implemented since August 2008: Sustainable Dining, Bike Rental Program, Sustainable Bio-diesel from waste, Energy Efficiency and Renewables, Recycling/Waste Reduction, Anti-Bottled Water Campaign, Think Green Week and Earth Day, Education Series
Progress made on each issue/program since August 2008: Dining (campus dining services are going to essentially zero-waste through composting and recycling efforts by next fall, down 95% from just about 1 year ago), Bike Rental (Negotiated a donation of 70 previously abandoned bikes from GT Housing as well as funding for student volunteers to paint and repair half of these for use in a bike rental program, painting is nearly complete and reassembly is half way done, rentals will begin after we meet with GT's legal team to present our business plan and discuss issues of customer safety and campus liability), Bio-diesel (introduced local non-profit Refuel Bio-diesel to GT Transportation as THE source for sustainable bio-diesel from waste veggie oil, wrote a letter to the Director of Parking & Transportation supporting the transition to bio-diesel from WVO which was also signed by other student leaders including both SGA Presidents, have yet to hear back from the department heads regarding their RFP or next steps), Energy Efficiency (conducted a basic energy audit of a major campus classroom building to identify areas for improved efficiency and conservation, will conduct a more in-depth audit and put a report with recommendations together over the summer, will then create a template for future audits, co-organized a campus-wide dorm energy savings competition with RHA), Renewables (currently working with the Utilities Manager at GT as well as other students to create a cost analysis and payback report proposing that every roof that must be replaced on campus be replaced with solar roofing), Recycling (sustainable move-out collected 4,476 pounds of non-perishable food and 1,329 pounds of clothing, bedding and household items), Anti-Bottled Water (campus-wide fliering campaign to raise awareness about water privitization, outrageous costs and the pollution and other harmful environmental effects caused by bottled water, got bottled water eliminated from GT Earth Day and Think Green Week events, thousands of reusable water bottles were distributed to students, faculty, staff and volunteers), Think Green Week (hosted 2nd Annual Sustainable Fashion show featuring bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, sustainable practices and vintage/secondhand clothing, hosted Environmental Justice Panel Discussion, played a major role in acquiring solar panels to power our green rally and battle of the bands events that week) and Earth Day (SOS students served as committee chairs for shoe recycling, America's Greenest Campus, clothing swap, office supply exchange, the booth contest and the volunteer booth, assisted with public screening of "FLOW: for the love of water" and a newly added farmer's market for the event, which is the largest Earth Day celebration in the Southeast), Education Series (hosted 3 documentary screenings, including "FLOW: for the love of water" and "The Corporation", as well as several lectures on topics ranging from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining to Federal and State Environmental Policy, we also made a presentation on sustainability to between 300-400 middle and high school students at Rabun Gap Nacoochee School)

2) Does your group organize any sustainability challenges/competitions for your campus and/or with other colleges?
[  ]  No
[ X]  Yes. Please list details for each competition.
#1 Name of competition: Wasted Watts
Year initiated: 2009
Frequency of competition: 1st time 2/09-4/09
Participants: All residents living in campus housing (several thousand, not including frats or sororities)
Incentives: Dorm-wide party and water bottles for all winning residents
Goal of competition: Increase awareness regarding individual energy consumption and its effects
Percent of energy/water/waste reduced: N/A
Lasting effects of competition: N/A
Website: http://rha.gatech.edu/general/wastedwatts

3) Does your student government include a specific position or committee dedicated to campus sustainability issues?
[  ]  No
[X]  Yes. Please describe: Last year a Sustainability Committee was formed, but it is unknown whether or not that has been made into a permanent committee, SOS had two members on the committee

4) Please describe any additional campus sustainability activities or projects that you or your group has initiated at your school: Since SOS was founded, we have started a Campus Supported Agriculture (CSA) program with over 50 members.  We also started a very small community garden and set up two committees (one) with campus dining staff and the other with facilities/utilities.  We also played a critical role in planning and promoting GreenPeach (a grassroots, volunteer-run conference in GA on sustainability, environmental justice, etc.).  We brought 20 GT students to PowerShift 09.  We also worked in support of Freshman Council to host an Earth Hour event on our campus.

5) Please list and briefly describe any other student-run organizations related to campus sustainability at your school, and provide URLs if available (e.g., student groups; student government committees; student-run food co-ops, gardens/farms, bike co-ops) and provide contact information of the student leaders, if possible:  
Environmental Alliance at Georgia Tech (EAGT) - President Sinan Sinharoy ( ssinharoy@gmail.com )
Net Impact President: Benjamin Lukens ( benjamin.lukens@mba.gatech.edu )
Emerging Green Builders (maybe not in good standing anymore?)
Engineering Students Without Borders (ESWB) - President Christina Donegia ( cdonegia3@gatech.edu )
Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists - President: Radhika Dhingra ( rdhingra6@mail.gatech.edu )
Solar Jackets (solar racing team) - President: Francesco Zimbardi ( francesco@gatech.edu )

Questions 6 is for informational purposes only; your response will NOT be included in the Report Card evaluation process.

6) Please list any regional or national networks with which your group is affiliated (e.g., Energy Action Coalition/Campus Climate Challenge, Sierra Student Coalition, a state PIRG, a state student sustainability coalition):  We are loosely affiliated with EAC, Environment Georgia and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (including Southern Energy Network and Refuel Biodiesel).  We have also worked with Metro Atlanta Students for Sustainability (MASS) and Georgia Students for Sustainability (GSS).



While this school has completed additional student surveys for the College Sustainability Report Card 2010 , they have requested that their full responses not be published. Please contact them directly, if you have specific questions about their sustainability programs.


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