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Report Card 2010

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American University

Student Survey

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With the publication of the College Sustainability Report Card 2010, more than 1,100 school survey responses from over 300 institutions are now available online. In total, these surveys offer more than 10,000 pages of data collected from colleges and universities during the summer of 2009 . To access surveys from other schools, go to the  surveys section  of the website. To see grades, or to access additional surveys submitted by this school, please click the "Back to Report Card" link at the beginning or end of the survey.


Name:   Drew Veysey

Position (in student organization):   President

Date survey submitted: August 3 rd , 2009



1) Please describe the student-run campus environmental/sustainability organization in which you have a leadership role.

Name of organization: Eco-Sense

Number of active members: 40 attend regular meetings, 307 on facebook, 600 on listserv

Website: http://auecosense.blogspot.com/ , http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200785043&ref=mf

Date of last meeting: May 7 th in person, July 12 th conference call

Frequency of meetings: twice a week, Monday – officers, Thursdays – general.

Key issues addressed and programs implemented since August 2008: Climate change, clean water and bottled water usage, mountain top removal, sustainable purchasing and office practices, community gardening.

Progress made on each issue/program since August 2008: Participation in both Power Vote and Power Shift 2009. The hiring of a Director and Manager of Sustainability to take a carbon inventory and implement the ACUPCC signed in 2008. Office Eco-Certification program. The number of offices Eco-Certified has tripled in the past year. The library now has default duplex printing. The cafeteria is now tray-less. A new organic community garden was planted by Eco-Sense students on a neglected part of campus. The community garden is currently being harvested and will expand further. We started a campus Farmers market in the spring that still continues on a bimonthly basis. Have continued to compel more sustainable purchasing in the procurement department through work with Corporate Express. The development of a Clean Energy Revolving Fund – ongoing.



2) Does your group organize any sustainability challenges/competitions for your campus and/or with other colleges?

[  ]  No

[ x]  Yes. Please list details for each competition.

#1 - Name of competition: Power Vote

Year initiated: 2008

Frequency of competition: NA

Participants: DC area schools, Schools throughout the country

Incentives: Beat the other DC area schools in pledges collected (we did)

Goal of competition: Have as many students as possible vote for candidates in the 2008 election on the basis of clean energy and climate change.

Percent of energy/water/waste reduced: NA

Lasting effects of competition: We garnered 1027 Power Vote pledges from AU students and thus raised more awareness of sustainability issues in the 2008 election.

Website: http://www.powervote.org/



3) Does your student government include a specific position or committee dedicated to campus sustainability issues?

[  ]  No

[ x]  Yes. Please describe: The Student Government Environmental Policy Director informs SG of the environmental ramifications of its actions, acts as a watchdog on the school administration, meets with administration officials, and assists Eco-Sense with its on-campus agenda. Works closely with the SG President.



4) Please describe any additional campus sustainability activities or projects that you or your group has initiated at your school: 


From August 2008 through July 2009 we focused on the correct implementation of the ACUPCC, increasing office sustainability practices, planting an organic community garden, and educating students on environmental issues like climate change, clean water, and mountain top removal mining. We held at least 10 educational events regarding those issues, in addition to our regular meetings and off-campus activities.


Eco-Sense has done much more than on-campus activities. We take our physical presence in Washington, DC very seriously and have acted accordingly. We regularly participate in tree plantings and park clean-ups. Together with the EAC we were present in relatively large numbers for the April hearings in Congress on the American Clean Energy and Security Act. On Halloween 2008 we trick-or-treated the embassies as part of SustainUS to deliver information on the upcoming Poznan COP 15 for the UNFCCC. We collected over 1000 Power Vote pledge cards and had more than 100 students attend Power Shift 2009.


5) Please list and briefly describe any other student-run organizations related to campus sustainability at your school, and provide URLs if available (e.g., student groups; student government committees; student-run food co-ops, gardens/farms, bike co-ops) and provide contact information of the student leaders, if possible:  Community Action and Social Justice, http://aucasj.org/

SG Department of Environmental Policy, http://www.ausg.org/president/


Questions 6 is for informational purposes only; your response will NOT be included in the Report Card evaluation process.


6) Please list any regional or national networks with which your group is affiliated (e.g., Energy Action Coalition/Campus Climate Challenge, Sierra Student Coalition, a state PIRG, a state student sustainability coalition): 

Energy Action Coalition

Sierra Student Coalition


Chesapeake Climate Action Network

DC Youth Environmental Alliance


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