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Report Card 2010

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The list of Administration Leaders is comprised of 132 schools that earned “A” grades in this category. Below is a sample of 12 very different institutions that all qualified for the list. These summaries are based on data from each school’s profile page.


University of Arkansas
The university's environmental mission statement identifies a dozen categories in which the school aims to develop sustainable practices. The Sustainability Council has formed seven working groups to address issues of energy, water, and student awareness. The university has a full-time sustainability coordinator, and the Applied Sustainability Center is staffed by six full-time and three part-time employees.


College of the Atlantic

COA's strategic plan includes a goal to develop and manage the campus using principles of sustainability. The Campus Committee for Sustainability has worked on increasing bicycle use, improving the composting program, and planning sustainability orientation activities. COA employs a full-time consulting adviser for sustainability. A purchasing policy mandates that COA purchase only Energy Star products. All landscaping is maintained using organic methods.


College of William & Mary

The Committee on Sustainability administers the W&M sustainability program and engages more than 130 volunteers. The annual budget for sustainability projects exceeds $200,000.The college recently created a full-time fellowship devoted to the exclusively campus's sustainability efforts. All paper purchased for the campus contains recycled content, and the college buys exclusively Energy Star–qualified appliances.


University of Connecticut

UConn adopted an environmental policy in 2004 and includes sustainability in its master plan and strategic plan. A green purchasing policy mandates the purchase of energy-efficient electronics, recycled paper, and green cleaning products. The Office of Environmental Policy (OEP) employs two full-time and two half-time staff members. The Environmental Literacy Workgroup, a subcommittee of the 25-member Environmental Council, helped create EcoHouse, a new residential community.


Cornell University

Cornell aims to integrate sustainability into all campus operations. Multiple committees work to achieve this goal and, in total, Cornell employs over 25 full-time sustainability staff. The university has published a comprehensive sustainability action plan, and the Green Purchasing Task Force is working to implement green procurement strategies.


Furman University

Furman University has a formal sustainability policy and has integrated sustainability into its campus master and strategic plans. The David E. Shi Center for Sustainability opened in fall 2008 and employs a director, as well as three full-time and two part-time staff. The Sustainability Planning Council includes 124 campus and community members and addresses sustainability throughout college operations, as well as community outreach and campus culture. The university has a comprehensive green purchasing policy.


Georgia Institute of Technology

The Office of Environmental Stewardship, established in 2007, coordinates with energy reduction management engineers, a LEED-accredited green building director, an alternative transportation manager, and a recycling manager. Georgia Tech has multiple advisory councils. The Sustainability Planning Committee reports to the president and has helped initiate a dorm energy competition, sustainable food purchasing, and a green building policy. The institute has had an office dedicated to sustainability since 1992.


University of Illinois

Chaired by Chancellor Herman, the Sustainability Council is comprised of top leadership including all of the vice chancellors, key operational directors, and students.  Sustainability is addressed in the campus master and strategic plans, and sustainability principles are being infused into campus culture through integration with academics, research, public engagement, and operations. The Office of Sustainability, with six employees, is charged with implementation and coordination of campus efforts.


Northeastern University

Northeastern's Executive Sustainability Committee has developed several sustainability policies, including a green IT policy. The committee addresses a multitude of topics, including green building, bicycle transport, food, and a non-smoking policy. Two full-time staff members work within the Department of Sustainability and Energy Management to coordinate campus greening. Northeastern purchases strictly Energy Star appliances, Green Seal cleaning products, and EPEAT-certified technology.


Syracuse University

Syracuse University employs four full-time sustainability staff. The Campus Sustainability Committee, which reports to both the president and chancellor, works to implement sustainable workspace practices, transportation initiatives, energy conservation programs, and green IT practices. The committee has also established a worklife program that includes telecommuting and a compressed work week. The university purchases only Energy Star appliances and environmentally preferable paper products.


Unity College 

Sustainability principles are core to all college policies. The full-time sustainability coordinator reports to the president, and sits on the Master Planning Committee.  Sustainability is central to the work of the Leadership Council with representatives from the administration, faculty, staff, and students. This  committee assesses sustainability in nine areas: Energy, Food, Materials, Wellness, Governance, Investment, Learning, Aesthetics, and Interpretation.  Sustainability is featured in all campus job descriptions, and sustainability plans are required of all campus departments.


University of Virginia

Sustainability is an overarching concern of the university’s master plan and is also a component in the strategic plan. The President’s Committee on Sustainability drafted a carbon action plan, and six full-time staff are employed to further sustainability on campus. The university’s green purchasing policy prohibits the procurement of bottled water and mandates the purchase of Energy Star appliances, environmentally preferable paper, and green cleaning products. 

Administration Leaders

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