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Report Card 2010

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Sustainability Categories

Learn about innovative schools that are leading by example, plus key findings in each of the following nine categories.



Examines sustainability policies and commitments by school administrators and trustees.

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Climate Change & Energy

Looks at energy efficiency, conservation, commitment to emissions reductions, and use of renewable energy on campus.

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Food & Recycling

Evaluates dining services policies, including recycling and composting programs.

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Green Building

Recognizes campus-wide green building guidelines and green building design for new and existing buildings.

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Student Involvement
Looks at student participation in sustainability initiatives and support for these activities by school administrators.

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Focuses on alternative transportation for students, faculty, and staff, as well as alternative fuel or hybrid technology for campus fleets.

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Endowment Transparency

Addresses accessibility to endowment investment information and shareholder proxy voting records.

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Investment Priorities

Considers prioritization of return on investment, investment in renewable energy funds, and investment in community development loan funds.

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Shareholder Engagement

Looks at shareholder proxy voting practices, including opportunities for student, faculty, and alumni participation.

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Over half of schools have made a carbon reduction commitment.
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