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Report Card 2009

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Scripps College
College Sustainability Report Card 2009

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Scripps College

School details:

Endowment: $274 million as of June 30, 2007

Location: Claremont, California

Enrollment: 840

Type: Private


Campus Survey: Yes

Dining Survey: Yes

Endowment Survey: Yes


Data compiled from independent research and survey responses from schools. For information on data collection and evaluation, please see the Methodology  section.

Overall grade  
D +
Scripps has committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally sensitive manner according to the sustainability policy it adopted in September 2007. The sustainability efforts website highlights the college's activities, and the Scripps Institute for Sustainable Living also hosts sustainability events and advises students of best practices.
Scripps has installed energy management systems to reduce consumption when buildings are not in use, such as turning off air conditioning on weekends. The college has installed compact fluorescent bulbs in conjunction with using natural light from skylights.
Dining services spends 12 percent of its food budget on local foods, including a local dairy, and serves some organic produce. Compostable to-go containers are used and cooking oil is donated for biodiesel. Scripps is working with the other Claremont Colleges to compost dining scraps. Tree clippings are recycled into mulch and dorms have recycling bins for each student.
Scripps has incorporated some green building practices into recent construction and renovations. The new performing arts center was constructed using sustainable materials, fitted with reupholstered seats and refurbished benches, and makes use of natural daylight through skylights. The soccer field was transformed into a green roof for an underground parking garage. The college, however, has no formal green building policy.
The Environmental Club and Scripps Institute for Sustainable Living raise awareness about the college's sustainability efforts and the actions that students can take. Students work at the nonprofit, student-run Scripps Store, which buys much of its merchandise from environmentally friendly companies. At an on-campus garden, students practice sustainable farming techniques.
Maintenance and grounds staff use electric carts on campus. The college supports a ride-share program for faculty and staff by providing participants with a daily stipend of 3 dollars, a figure that reflects a recent increase of 50 percent. A car-sharing program on campus offers hybrid cars. Public bus transportation is easily accessible, but the college offers no discount program.
The college makes limited information on its endowment holdings available on its financial statements website. Scripps does not make its shareholder voting record public.
The college aims to optimize investment return and is exploring, but not currently invested in, renewable energy funds or similar investment vehicles.
The college asks that its investment managers handle the details of proxy voting.
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