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Report Card 2009

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Lafayette College
College Sustainability Report Card 2009

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Lafayette College

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Endowment: $734 million as of June 30, 2007

Location: Easton, Pennsylvania

Enrollment: 2,304

Type: Private


Campus Survey: Yes

Dining Survey: Yes

Endowment Survey: Yes


Data compiled from independent research and survey responses from schools. For information on data collection and evaluation, please see the Methodology  section.

Overall grade  
President Weiss signed the Presidents Climate Commitment. The college increased its budget for sustainability and has restructured its sustainability committee to now consist of faculty, staff, and students. The new campus sustainability officer is responsible for all sustainable initiatives. Approximately 80 percent of the college’s cleaning supplies are purchased through a Green Seal supplier.
The Lafayette College Technology Clinic is completing a carbon emissions audit. An external study is underway to review the feasibility of installing solar panels on top of the college’s primary, indoor athletic facility. The college is in the preliminary stages of exploring the incorporation of biomass into its energy utilization structure.
Dining services has initiatives to purchase locally and provides fair trade coffee and cage-free eggs. The college has expanded its compost program to include a vermiculture unit and compost tumblers. Nearly 100 percent of food waste and landscaping waste are now composted and used for grounds maintenance.
The college has adopted a green building policy requiring that all new construction projects be designed to LEED Silver standards, and that all major renovations incorporate green architecture and sustainable design elements. The college currently has no LEED-certified buildings.
Student organizations have catalyzed many of the current administrative sustainability efforts. Students are members of the college's Sustainability Committee. In fall 2008, new students will have a "Live Green Lafayette" focus for orientation with continuing sustainability education throughout the school year.
The college has acquired two hybrid vehicles. Students are given an introduction to local mass transit as part of orientation, and the college shuttle service's coverage is being expanded throughout the Lehigh Valley. Lafayette's master plan aims to reduce vehicular traffic and promote bicycle and foot travel on campus.
The college makes a list of endowment holdings and proxy voting records available to trustees, senior administrators, and other select members of the school community.
The college aims to optimize investment return and is exploring, but not currently invested in, renewable energy funds or similar investment vehicles.
The college asks that its investment managers handle the details of proxy voting for externally managed, individual equity securities. Approximately 5 percent of the endowment is invested in individual equity securities.
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