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Report Card 2009

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Butler University
College Sustainability Report Card 2009

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Butler University

School details:

Endowment: $163 million as of June 30, 2007

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Enrollment: 4,415

Type: Private


Campus Survey: Yes

Dining Survey: Yes

Endowment Survey: No


Data compiled from independent research and survey responses from schools. For information on data collection and evaluation, please see the Methodology  section.

Overall grade  
President Fong reaffirmed Butler University's commitment to environmental responsibility in a recent open letter to the university community. Butler has no policies relating to campus-wide sustainability initiatives. The university has formalized a policy to purchase Energy Star appliances.
The university recently completed a series of efficiency upgrades, including the installation of a central chilled water plant and a new decentralized heating plant, as well as a campus-wide lighting retrofit. A carbon emissions inventory is in progress and the purchase of renewable energy credits is under consideration.
Dining services offers a limited amount of local food, contracts with a local dairy, serves fair trade coffee, and is transitioning to seafood that follows the Monterrey Bay Seafood Watch guidelines. Butler recently received a $25,000 grant to upgrade and expand its recycling program. The school composts and mulches its landscaping waste.
The new campus pharmacy facility is expected to achieve LEED Silver certification. Several renovation projects incorporate LEED guidelines, including high-efficiency lighting.
The Environmental Concern Organization is a student group that promotes recycling and energy conservation on campus.
The university has installed new bicycle racks, and the parking lot for the new pharmacy facility will have spaces reserved for hybrid vehicles.
The university has no known policy of disclosure of endowment holdings or shareholder voting records.
The university aims to optimize investment return and has not made any public statements about investigating or investing in renewable energy funds or community development loan funds.
The university has not made any public statements about active ownership or a proxy voting policy.
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