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Report Card 2008

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The Transportation category looks primarily at the policies and practices of facilities management and the administration in relation to how schools promote alternative transportation options. Points are awarded based on the level of planning and implementation of policies that promote a pedestrian-friendly and/or bike-friendly campus; the availability of bike-sharing programs is also assessed. The utilization of alternative fuel as well as hybrid technology in vehicle fleets is taken into consideration. The category also examines incentives provided by a school to students, faculty, and staff for carpooling or for the use of public transit. Finally, the category looks at how schools provide access to public transit or to popular off-campus destinations through the use of shuttles or similar systems.



Key Findings

  • Bicycle-sharing programs have been instituted at 23 percent of schools.


  • Car-sharing programs are available at 17 percent of schools.


  • Reduced-fare passes for public transit are offered at 38 percent of schools.


  • Biodiesel is made and/or used at 31 percent of schools.


  • Hybrid or electric vehicles are used in 42 percent of school fleets.


  • The average grade for the Transportation category was "C+." For a full account of school performance by grade, please refer to the chart on the next page.



Grade Distribution



Emory University has a free shuttle bus service for campus & surrounding neighborhoods that is 100% alternatively fueled.
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