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Report Card 2007

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University of Tulsa
College Sustainability Report Card 2007

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University of Tulsa

School details:

Endowment: $817 million as of June 30, 2006

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma


Campus Survey: No

Endowment Survey: Yes


Data compiled from independent research. For information on data collection and evaluation, please see the Methods section.

Overall grade  
D -
The University has made no known public attempts to focus on sustainability or related issues in its policies or planning efforts.
The University has started a new program in which employees receive three paid "energy conservation" holidays in order to reduce campus energy use. The University is also a participating school in Challenge X: A Crossover to Sustainable Mobility, a competition to make a Chevrolet Equinox as energy efficient and clean as possible without sacrificing performance.
The University has a recycling program, however, dining services does not have a known local or organic food initiative.
The University has no known policies pertaining to green building.
The University makes neither its proxy voting record nor its list of endowment holdings public. This information is only available to trustees and senior administrators.
The University prioritizes investing to maximize profit and has not made any public statements about investigating or investing in renewable energy funds or community development loan funds.
The University asks that its investment managers handle the details of proxy voting.
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